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Sedona Psychic Readings

Sedona Psychic Readings

Sedona Psychic Readings are free at bethetruth @ yahoo com

LUCKY SEVERSON: Legend has it that long before civilization,
native Americans felt such reverence for the red majesty
of Sedona, they refused to live here. But that did not stop
the white man.

ANGINAINE MORE (Concierge, Center for the New Age):
But it is still a pretty sacred land. Lots of energy here.

SEVERSON: This is Anginainee More, the concierge
at The Center for the New Age.

Ms. MORE: I direct people in helping them find psychic
readers, massage therapists, things of that nature.

SEVERSON: A lot of things of that nature here in
Sedona. Psychic physicians, tarot card readers, channelers,
astrologers. For those in need of a psychic makeover, this
is the right place.

Ms. MORE: I was just passing through and I've been
here ever since.

SEVERSON: More people come to Sedona each year than
to the Grand Canyon, about 80 miles away -- six million
by the latest count -- many of them New Agers or spiritual
seekers looking for answers.

Mrs. JILL BRUFSKI: What about contacting spirits
that have died?

Ms. MORE: Oh definitely, they can do that.

SEVERSON: Doctor Adam Bruski and his wife Jill from

: This is more for my wife than for me.

Mrs. BRUSKI: I think we are on the verge of a spiritual
revolution and I think it is important to look beyond materialism
and success and things like that and ask why we are really

SEVERSON: Jill wants a reading of her past life regressions.
Adam sits in.

Unidentified Woman: The first thing we do, is we say a prayer
and then after that, we start the clock.

NOAH CARSON (Channeler and Spiritual Healer, Center
for the New Age): I work with the ascended masters. I work
with the angelic realm. I can actually hear the voices.

SEVERSON: This is Noah Carson, a channeler and spiritual
healer who says he can commune with Christian, Hindu, and
Buddhist deities and heal sick people.

CARSON: I am channeling, and when I close my eyes
I basically align my will with the higher will.

SEVERSON: Sedona attracts seekers from all over the
world. This tarot card reader is from Germany.

Tarot Card ReadingTAROT
: One for the spirit's advice, God's advice,
whatever you want to call it.

SEVERSON: Her client, recently retired, is a little
worried about her future.

TAROT CARD READER: In the next 4 to 6 months, there
will be a huge transformation.

JAMIE BUTLER (Co-Owner, Center of the New Age): People
come here seeking something. They are seeking their spirituality.
A lot of times they have lost their way. A lot of times
they are desperate for healing in their lives. They feel
empty, unfulfilled. They are old world and corporate is
not working.

SEVERSON: Jamie Butler is a co-owner of the Center
for the New Age. She says she can read your energy field
with aura-imaging photography. And that they tell her who
you are or who you should be.

Ms. BUTLER: We pick up spirit gods in the auric photo.
Look here, we have angel wings. This isn't surprising because
this is actually a psychic of ours who channels the archangel

Crystals are conscious beings. They are powerful healing
tools. They have been used in radio transmitters, they are
conduits of energy.

SEVERSON: And they are for sale. New Age products
generate one billion dollars annually.

: This particular crystal. Oh it is on sale for
$890. Though we do have crystal balls that go up to $2000
or $3000, some of them.

SEVERSON: We joined some newlyweds, Andy and Amy
Garcia on a jeep tour of some of Sedona's sacred sites and
vortices. They are like 64 percent of visitors here, according
to a Chamber of Commerce survey, looking for a spiritual

AMY GARCIA: Speaking for us and our friends, at least,
we are more into the spiritual aspect of religion. Or more
spiritual aspect of life. Like in our daily life, for instance,
our workouts aren't just running. They are yoga, they are
meditation, they are massage.

SEVERSON: Our guide, Marty, tells us we are embarking
on an organic journey and speaks in a language we don't
always understand.

MARTY (Center for the New Age): There are places
on the earth than can inspire and can really bring people
back to a certain wholeness.

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Sedona Psychic Readings: Free Sedona Psychic Readings

Sedona Psychic Readings: Free Sedona Psychic Readings Mandatory Immortality Education

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